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Gain insight into TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 6 and Container Edition in Real-Time

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This is ProcessMView

A comprehensive, non-intrusive process and application monitoring solution including everything you need to get an absolute control over your TIBCO Businessworks™ 6 and Container Edition integration applications and processes. ProcessMView you will never miss any information about your integration platform processing. ProcessMView is not just an alert and historical process data search tool, but an outstanding solution that enables IT and Business teams to know everything about data flows exchange between internal applications/systems and with partners.


Cloud oriented

Can be easily deployed and configured into any cloud solutions. Its supports popular container orchestration tools and PaaS solutions.


Monitoring automation

ProcessMView learns from your app integration processes’ behaviour and can automate some operation tasks for you.


Powerful REST APIs

Provides powerful REST API that can be consumed by tools such as ServiceNow Platform via Outbound REST, Splunk ...


DevOps oriented

Can be integrated into your DevOps process in order to provide you with useful information about your continuous integration and delivery.


IT & Business oriented

Enables IT and Business teams to easily collaborate through a powerful tool to fix problems linked to business flows.


Easy to extend

The modular and extensible architecture of ProcessMView monitoring solution enables you to easily add your own features.

Some key features

Rich dashboard/Cockpit

ProcessMview allows you to get full visibility into what's going through your BW processes and detailed statistics about every application running.

Process diagram

It generates a process diagram that allows you to understand the workflow execution of each process and its related subprocesses.

TIBCO EMS Queue/Topic Monitoring

It allows you to set thresholds to queues to be alerted in case of drifting, to create, delete or browse queues and to move messages from a queue to another...

Workflow management

For each performance issue, drifted queue and process execution error, a task is automatically created and assigned to a group or an expert.

Rule management

Through a powerful tool users can define SLA rules on processes in order to detect any performance issue and to be alerted by email in case of drift.

Knowledge base

With an integrated knowledge base, you can deliver rich help contents to teams in order to scale your BusniessWorks support tasks.

Free Version License

To get a free version, you must be a TIBCO customer with a valid license of BusinessWorks products, a TIBCO Consulting partner* or part of ProcessMView’s network. Free version do not include all product features, but capabilities that enable IT teams to get a real-time visibility into their processes from end-to-end. Request your Free version license.
ProcessMView partners have grand access to the product sources code to add features for their customers.*

How to get support?

Support is provided to customers who acquire ProcessMView enterprise licenses. Customers with a free version can also subscribe to get technical support: extended deployment, configuration, custom extension of the product with new features, integration with third-party products( TIBCO Spotfire, Splunk, ServiceNow).

About Us

ProcessMView has been designed and developed by Tidiani DIAKITE, a Principal Software Engineer and Architect. He released the first version of ProcessMView for TIBCO's new integration products in 2016. In 2017 the company ProcessMView became part of TIBCO Technology partner network. From this period to now, with partners, they are following BusinessWorks™ products improvements and alongside improving ProcessMView monitoring solution.